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Increase your profits

We can install vending machines in your premises at no cost to yourselves. We install, fill and maintain them and pay you a competitive commission.

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Can it really be Free?

Yes we provide Kiddie rides and full loaded vending machines at no cost.

Our primary aim is to provide the best possible service to both our clients and to the visitors using our machines
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NJOY Leisure

We can cover every location in Scotland using our own staff.
We will place a suitable machine in your desired location. The machine and stock are supplied free of charge by us.
A highly competitive rate of commission is then paid on sales taken through the machine after an agreed period of time, usually 1 month.
The commission payment can be left on site or collected and paid directly to head office.
Unlike other toy vending operators, NJOY can select and offer the most popular products and licenses for your machine without limitation. For further information please contact Pat.

Penny Press Machines

penny press machine

Kiddie Rides

kiddie ride koalabros

Prize Cranes

coin operated prize crane

Vending Machines

kids vending machine

Air Hockey

air hockey machime


kids whacker machine