Are you looking for a vending machine supplier? We stock various types of vending machines which can be used to attract and engage potential customers. All of our vending machines are mechanical with no electricity required ensuring you have the freedom to place machines in prime locations anywhere.This is simply a sample of the machines we have available. Our vending machines are perfect for your soft play centre, restaurant, cafe, bar or shop. For full details please contact us and we will be happy to give you more information. The main objective of these machines are to provide your business with an additional revenue stream and source of entertainment for your customers.

Main Benefits

• Fully maintained
• Zero-cost
• No Power Required
• Keeps the kids occupied

Quality Products Updated Frequently


TOMY® Vending Machine

Holding up to 120 capsules per head and offering 4 fantastic products per system this machine really leaves your customers spoilt for choice and coming back for more.

Length (cm): 43 Width (cm): 64 Height (cm): 148
Weight (Kg): 70
Licensed: Yes




Super Bounce-a-RooA

Super Bounce-a-RooA bouncy ball vending machine which offers a 360 degree view of the products available.

Length (cm) : 43Width (cm) : 43Height (cm) : 122